Monday, August 13, 2012

Worship and Modesty

A while ago I was watching some videos that were filmed during service for our church Youtube channel, for those who don’t know me, I’m the Worship leader at our church. I love the band, they are so awesome, it’s such a privileged to work with them, such a God-loving and talented team. Okay enough bragging, but I just love them, thank God for them, etc. Ha ha……As I was watching I realized that yes, sometimes, I do move a whole lot during praise. LOL…well I already knew this, but it’s another thing to look at yourself. Aside from thinking how funny I looked, as I was watching, I realized how important it is to keep modesty in mind when you are going to be ministering at the altar or even just praising at the bench! But I guess when you are at the Altar, there are more eyes on you. Some of the things I was doing I was like, if I was wearing a skirt above the knee or even just at the knee, I might have shown something I didn’t want to show! Or even if I was wearing a shirt that would rise up too high when I was lifting my hands or opened too wide if I happened to bend during worship (yes I do crazy stuff…I didn’t even know!) I might accidently show more than I ever intended to show! So this made me be more aware of what I choose to wear when I worship. I started thinking, I don’t want my clothing to stop me from worshipping with freedom but I don’t want to be showing stuff my brothers & sisters don’t need to see! So if my skirt is too short or my shirt is going to be an issue, than I just won’t wear it for service OR I will pin things in place, if that’s all it takes! I can’t let anything stop me from giving to God what’s rightfully His, my unchained praise! If what I’m wearing is going stop me in anyway, I thought, that becomes somewhat of an idol, because we are putting that before God. If we are aware our clothing could look immodest when we are jumping, waving our hands, etc., so we stop praising freely because of that, then, in my humble opinion, we shouldn’t wear those clothing items. We go to church to praise the Lord of Lords! We need to take advantage of that time to the max and not let anything stop us.

So anyway, I wanted to share my little story with you, maybe it’s something you never thought about but it may be something important to think about. Maybe do a little practice praise at home, in front of a mirror with your outfit to see how you would look in church. I know it sounds funny, but sometimes, these funny things, cause save us some embarrassment later! I know it has definitely for me. Oh Lord. Make sure your heart is ready and your wardrobe is ready for the Pentecostal parties ahead!

And this is a pic of me eating the microphone. This was a very special day in the presence of the Lord.

Picture taken by Sister Cindy. She takes pretty good pics, visit her here.

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