About Moi!

My Name is Natalie, I’m 27 years old and I am an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian.

I believe in Modesty and want to encourage others to understand the important principles behind dressing modestly. Modesty goes beyond what you dress on the outside, it starts in the core of your being – your heart. This blog is not to criticize, judge or bring anyone down, but rather to teach, share fashion ideas and inspire others about Modesty.

I attend a wonderful Hispanic church in Toronto and serve great Pastors. I’ve had the privileged to minister in worship for 10 years and since last year have been working with my husband in the role of co-pastors. We have a beautiful daughter of 2 years!

My life’s goal is to honor and please God in everything that I do. Everything. And that includes Modesty.

You can also read more about me on a personal level at my other blog The Songs of Our Life here.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. keep up the good work natalie!!!

  2. Thank you, I hope that this blog blesses all who pass by it. :)

  3. Love what you are doing amis... God Bless you and use you more and more :) Be the spread you are meant to be :) (you know who I am) you better!!!

    1. Yes of course I know who you are. Thank you Silly rabbit. :*)

  4. Hey Contact me at nathan@apostolicclothing.com
    Would love to work with you ;)

  5. Hi! I saw where you were following me via Pinterest! I would love to invite you to link up your blog (and Pinterest account too!!) on the Apostolic Pentecostal link up I have on my blog (which can be found at this link: http://blueeyedbeautyblogg.blogspot.com/p/ap-bloggers.html). I am so glad to have found another active AP blog!! :) I am now following you via GFC and email!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  6. Keep at it. I love how involved you are in ministry. I believe modesty is a ministry in itself. I like the posts where you feature people, very cool. I'm apostolic too :-)



  7. Natalie, quiero tu libro santidad a Jehová, por favor podrías enviarmelo a mi correo electrónico ? Soy chilena , muchos Saludos. Dios te Bendiga.

    1. Dios te bendiga! Si me deja su correo aqui, nos ponemos en contacto, o me puede mandar un correo a modestwalkshop@live.ca. Bendiciones!


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