Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressing Feminine and Winter Sports!

I saw this picture in a newspaper and thought it would be nice to share it with you all! Who loves winter sports around here?
I love the ladylikeness (is that a word?) of these pictures. I believe God desires for there to be a visible difference between men and women. And I don’t just mean about wearing skirts, I mean in every aspects of our dress, that we may truly look like women.  When he created us, he created us a lot different than man, and not just outwardly, but our insides, men and women are different and have different needs. I truly believe that God would like us to express this difference in the way we dress as well. I think that cross-dressing (women dressing more like men and men dressing more like women) has been one of the things that influenced the rise of homosexuality. The way you dress effects the way you feel, that cannot be denied!!! So, if you ask me, I’m all for dressing very feminine or girly. J
Anyway, I love these pictures too because it reminds of a time where the moral standards were higher. The more time passes, the less moral standards humanity has. It’s quite frightening, especially when I think about our kids future, but I know that we can still be a difference in this decaying world!
I also love how the lady seems so content skiing in her skirt, (not thinking "oh this is ackward" - it was the norm!) and the girls skating in their skirts, which appear to be attached to shorts underneath, pretty cool, although I would wear my skirt a little more knee length. Lol….
When I was younger I went skiing in a skirt and I had such a great time. I remember considering skiing so thrilling and fun!! I also learned to skate a very young age and have never had difficulties doing that in a skirt either. Now in days, there are also apostolic seamstresses that make sporty & skiing skirts for outdoor activities. I came across this lady a few months ago, from Modest ActiveWear and found the work she does pretty neat! If you are an outdoor girl, maybe you could check her out here. You can also read this Post I did a few months ago about sporty skirts here.
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enough is Enough

I came across this and really loved it. It is true ladies, we can never be like women of the world. We need to live in accordance to the Holy Book of God. Reading this reminded me that we are different in every aspect of our lives. Everything the World represents is opposite to what God desires of us. The world doesn’t need any more worldly women, it needs more Godly women! Represent the God you serve with Pride, make a difference in your community, workplace, school with everything you are (actions & dress). The world doesn’t need any more women dressing immodestly, it needs more ladies like you and I. Enough is Enough, this world doesn’t need any more darkness, will you continue to stand out and be the light?!?!? Even if it’s only YOU in your workplace, school or community, don’t doubt that you are making a difference! You are in more ways than you could possibly think. And don’t feel awkward either because you are different! If so many people team up out there to do wrong things and things that bring no benefit to humanity, we can certainly team up and keep being a difference, a light in this dark world and shine the Love of Christ on all. We can be an example in the way talk, dress, and speak in front of others. The World needs to see God in us! In my workplace, I'm the only one who of this Faith, sometimes it can be discouraging to know, you are the only one that’s different, not just in the way you dress, but in every aspect! And what I mean by discouraging is, knowing that people don’t want anything to do with God and they are so enwrapped in sin. However, you can think about it this way, you are one person less this world has got a hold of! And maybe, just maybe, in due time, if you remain the light, those people will remember you are different and seek you to ask you about your God in their time of need. I’ve had this happen!!!

I pray you are encouraged to keep on fighting this good faith battle!

P.S. I've started another more personal blog here, I'd love it if you would join me there too. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Retrospect Fashion

When speaking about fashion, If I could have been born in a different era, I would have chosen the 1950’s. I absolutely love the styles that were “in” at that time period. It seems though, that it was all relatively the same, with only the patterns changing. But that’s okay because I love these dresses!!! Here are some of my favourite that I found when doing a search. On most of the dresses during this era the top part was fitted to appear of a small waist and the bottom skirt was beautifully flared! Certain variations of this style were absolutely elegant. There are still dresses similar to these available in certain stores, but not as flared. Love this style. And what I especially love about vintage fashion is of course, for the most part it was modest and very feminine.

Beautiful Colour and Pleats, Love the Gloves too!




                  Love this Colour & Collar!

Gotta love 'em Polka Dots!
                                                                 More styles of that Era. : )


Hope you enjoyed this post. If you could choose your favourite fashion era, what would it be?

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