Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Modest Girl of the Week and Shop News

Did you hear the news? The shop is finally open! Visit us here for more Info. Exciting!

And now for the Modest Girl of this week, I’m really loving her outfit, she such a cute girl, with a sweet personality, and I absolutely must say, I love the way she worships. Without further ado we present:

Name: Carolina S

Age: 18

Dressing Modestly Since: Since I grew up in church since birth :) lol but I became more interested in it at about 14.

Ministries: Singer in my church band

Anything you want to say about Modesty: I love doing the best I can to dress modestly! I've learned that It really has a big impact in your life. Not only do people respect you more when dressed modestly but they automatically see a difference in you. If you dress modestly it lets the world know that you are different from them, That God dwells in you and that you are his child. We have been given a great privilege. We are his set-apart people, we are his children. I hope that I am always visibly different from the world and recognized as a true follower of God. :)

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