Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Modest Girl of the Week: Angie

Today's modest girl of the week. A girl I love dearly. So beautiful inside and out, a blessing to know her. Enjoy!

Name: Angie V

Age: 18

Dressing Modestly since: Well since I can remember, Forever? haha I grew up in church so it was something that I did my whole life. But it became a personal conviction when I was around 14.

Ministries: I sing in the church band & I am a sunday school teacher. : )

Anything you want to say about modesty: I love it!! Not only does it make you look beautiful, unique, different from the world but it is one of the things that truly pleases God. Modesty is one of the most important things in my life because it’s something that speaks to the world that there is something different in us as His children, The way we dress usually speaks for us, it is what makes us stand out! And if we serve a living God why not reflect it in the way we dress as well!? I love trying to dress modestly because I want to do my best to please God, and modesty is always a start! It’s also helped me a lot to spread God’s word to friends when they have asked me why I dress the way I do, it’s a great way to start a conversation! I really do encourage modesty, It's beautiful, unique and set's us apart from the world. : )

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