Thursday, August 9, 2012

Re-Define Fashion Challenge!

Sometimes in life following God’s word and preaching God’s word, will cause you both friends and enemies. Same goes for Modesty and it’s principles. There will be many out there, who will try to persuade you away from this lifestyle, because in their personal view, this lifestyle is not attractive and can’t stand someone to be different because it makes them aware of their own sin and don’t like it (“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, But the Lord weighs the hearts” – Proverbs 21:2). However, we must always remember who we are aiming to please with our lives is God, not man. Some things that try to persuade us could include, family, friends, mentors, social media, etc. As dressing modestly for some, can seem pretty boring and old fashioned. But reality is that Modesty in a Lady brings out certain features that dressing immodestly would distract people from seeing in her.

One thing we must remember and always have clear, those who are determining the latest fashions and styles are not thinking of pleasing God, but rather the human eye, which naturally desires those things which are lustful, sexy, and flaunting. It’s very rare to find a piece of clothing that you can wear on it’s on without having to add something to it to make it modest.So maybe dressing modestly (depending on your defintion of fashion!) is actually not really fashionable because, now in days the definition of fashion is more about what your showing (cleavage, tightness, shortness)! But, I can tell you this, a lady dressed modestly, can certainly look young and beautiful.

Modesty is honouring in a lady. It’s admiring that a lady can be able to cover up and still look gorgeous. A girl who can do this, can demonstrate that she is sure of herself enough to not have to show her body, to be able to be considered pretty. It’s admiring that a lady can grab someone’s attention and stand out not because of what she’s flaunting, but because her beautiful spirit is reflected in the way she speaks, conducts herself and dresses.

Don’t let magazine, T.V., social media convince you that the way you are dressing is boring and out-of-style. Modesty, will never be out of style for the Lord and for his people who desire to please Him. At this rate, soon nudity will be what’s in style and is that really even style??! Stand out and be different, don’t let that happen. Wherever we go, make it point to stand out! Let us be the Trend-setters, let us re-defined what fashion should really be about, clothing - not lack thereof.  If we go to the mall, to the street, wherever we are and if we are looking pretty much like our neighbours, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe change (unless they are Apostolic too! LOL)?

Challenge: I challenge you to join the movement to re-define Fashion! Change your closet, 1 garment at a time. What can you do to Modest-fy your current wardrobe? Maybe add layers underneath or on top. Maybe add some fabrics to skirts. Maybe make skirts from pants! I challenge you to do so and post here or on our FB Group Page, how you wore something modestly! If you already dress modestly but still want to share what you do, please do so!

Jeremiah 15:19 - "You must influence them; do not let them influence you!" - (NLT)

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