Monday, July 30, 2012

Modest Girl of The Week: Julie B

So we will be featuring a Modest Girl every so often. Today the Lovely one an only Julie has been nominated to be our Modest Girl! And here are some fun facts about  her:

Name: Julie B.

Age: 22

Dressing Modestly since: Since birth lol but really I began to be more aware of Modesty and its importance at about age 16

Ministries: I sing in the church band & I am TYG Youth Leader

Anything you want to say about modesty: I have to say I love it! I think it’s beautiful to be modest. People respect who you are and at the very same time, you as a person are confident. I believe it’s not that hard, like anything in life, you have to decide, "I want to change this about my life" and then start working at it. Sure, the first couple times it requires some thought on how to accomplish it or how to stay on track, but after awhile it becomes nature. Like healthy eating or exercising (since that’s so popular in today’s culture). So in essence modesty is beautiful, empowering, makes you stand out and totally do-able! :)


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