Thursday, July 26, 2012

Issues of Cleavage: Modest Options

Have you ever had this problem before? You find a beautiful top but it is a very low cut!??!?! Or you find a high cut shirt but when you bend down its wide and opens up for the “B’s” to be seen?! I can give you some tips on how to prevent this in a modest inexpensive way.

Have you ever heard of Tube Tops? Of course you have! They are everywhere and are used in an immodest way but we can use them to help us stay modest (aha! fight back!). I like them because they are tight fitting and help our “friends” stay in place. They are available in a variety of colours and can be found at a lot of shopping centres. My advice would be to pin them to your bra straps to prevent them from going down and thus, defeating the purpose of wearing them. They look great under tops! I think the best ones to buy are the ¾ size ones because that way you have material to pull up to pin into place. I think tube tops look best with V-cut blouses. For blouses with an oval cut, maybe tank tops are the more modest option.

Now if tube tops are not for you, there is the option of tank tops. Which pretty much every girl has a few of those. In my opinion, the essential colours of tank tops to have are black, white, brown and grey! Those colours or shades, tend to match with everything you have. I also pin the tank tops to my bra straps to avoid them from sneaking down and me not noticing.

As to where to position the tops for best modesty, I tend to pin four fingers from my collar bone. You could also do the test of bending down to see if anything is shown.

Hope these tips are helpful. This is what has worked for me! If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment, I’d love hear them!

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