Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modest Girl of the Week: Erika

This week we bring you the beautiful and talented Lady Erika, All the way from Texas! Enjoy.

Name: Erika M

Age: 28 years

Ministries: Worship Leader, Sunday School teacher, Youth Secretary, Church Administrative Assistant

Dressing Modestly since: 1992

Anything you would like to say about Modesty?

Modesty or living Holy for God is what God has always wanted from us Since the beginning. When Eve and Adam sinned for the first time they immediately sewed an apron made of fig leaves, a very poor garment and the easiest to find. That's when we see God had to show them the right way to dress. The word of God says in Gen. 3:21...the LORD God made coats of skins, and clothed them.

And the same thing happens nowadays, people will go to the mall and buy the easiest and fastest things to find because that's the the kind of clothes everyone is dressing in. But God's ways are not the easiest or the fastest, we must pray to the Lord before we go shopping, for him to show us what He has for us today! The Lord will go high quality, modest and inexpensive clothes! In other words, He will bless you because you put Him in first place.

My daily trend is feeling proud and great - that's the root of looking great. Modesty is reflecting God outwards and inwards.

Thank you Erika for sharing your thoughts with us! Sister Ericka also has a Youtube Channel where she shares unique hairstyles for ladies with the Curlies. Subcribe to her channel.

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