Thursday, November 22, 2012

He Can Change YOU & Contest Info

I was meditating on a few of my friends and was amazed at truly how God has the power to transform and change people.

Sometimes we may doubt the power of God to change a person but He truly can. All it takes is an open heart. One of the ladies from our church said before, “sometimes we may say, I want to see miracles, not realizing that we ourselves are miracles of God”. Think about it, if you hadn’t had an encounter with the almighty, a breaking point in his presence, you would not be the changed person you are today.

I love to see how some of my friends had a completely different view of modesty a few years or months back and how God has changed their mindset and in turn changed their wardrobe. It may have taken time, but they allowed God’s word and his presence convict them on these things. Truly modesty is the type of thing that you can teach to people (and we should) but only God can move us to make changes in our lifestyle that have been there for years!  It’s lovely to see before and after pictures.

If you are still struggling with Modesty. Have an open heart, let God guide you to choosing the right wardrobe. Think about the things you wear and the reasons behind why you do, examine your heart and ask God to speak to you and guide you to making choices that HE agrees with.  Don’t think it’s impossible to change and don’t try to rush things either. Let it be a gradual change, start with little things, leaving things behind or adding things to your wardrobe here and there. Celebrate the small things you accomplish and soon enough, you will be at the level where you have desired to be. Sometimes our struggles with modesty come because we want to rush the change and we ourselves are in the process of changing inside. I’m not saying the desire to change is bad, it’s absolutely good but I’m saying that in most cases it does take time to flip our lives around and if we try to rush it, we may just end up discouraged and back to point zero.

So those are my thoughts today! I’m thankful for the powerful testimonies I’ve been a witness too. How God can change a life around from inside to the out, all He needs is a willing and open heart.
SIDE NOTE: Did you guys find out who won the contest over at my facebook store? Check out the winner here! I'm extremely grateful to all those who particpated. More Contest to come.



  1. I feel like this was written with alot of love. :)

    1. Yay! It was. :D I'm glad i can protray that in my writing. Wooohoo...thank you.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to pop over and let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster award!! Details here:

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