Monday, June 4, 2012

Interview with Becky


So this week we interviewed with Becky! She is a lovely girl, very dear to my heart, who has served with me in the music ministry for about 5 years. Becky grew up in church and has, thank God, remained in this path to this day. Becky is currently studying to be a lovely Nurse. We asked Becky to answer a few questions regarding her modesty walk with God during her years. Here’s what she had to say.

1. When you think of Modesty what comes to your mind?

When I think of modesty the first thing that comes to mind is holiness (separation of the world for God), being recognized, being and looking different from those outside of our faith.

2. Did you ever struggle with modesty?

I can’t really say that I’ve struggled with it because my whole life I have been brought up to dress in a modest way. My mom would always come with me when I wanted new clothes, and when I came across something immodest we would both try to see if there was a way of making it modest. The only struggle I’ve had with modesty is finding long skirts or a modest top, and always having to make sure our shirts don’t go down. Even though we’ve had minor struggles, we've definitely found creative ways to make immodest clothes modest! For example, when a skirt/dress is too short, I just add a piece of fabric to the bottom. I think this makes the outfit unique and beautiful. Another thing I do to stay modest is that if there is a possibility that my tank top or shirt will come lower then I’d want it to, I just pin it to my bra strap so that it’s secured in place. It’s actually a good idea because everything is secured and nothing that you wouldn’t want others to see, is seen! I’m comfortable, and I know that I won’t be worrying about showing anything accidently if I bend down he-he.

3. What inspires you to keep dressing Modestly?

My inspiration for dressing modestly is knowing that foremost I am pleasing God and also making a difference in the world we live in today. Standing out for God is spiritually rewarding.

4. What advice would you give with those struggling with Modesty?

The advice I can give for those who struggle with modesty is that at the end of everything, dressing in a modest way is all worth it. You receive respect, even from those who don’t even understand the biblical principles and importance of dressing that way. Modesty gives you a sense of authority as a woman and self-control. When you dress modest, you also show regard for your neighbour who otherwise, would feel uncomfortable around you because you are dressed inappropriate, that they don’t even know where to look! One saying I’ve heard before is “you are what you dress”, and that saying has a lot of truth. If you want people to take you seriously and like you for the person you truly are, and not for what your body is, then dress modestly. I think that most importantly, we represent Jesus in our modest ways, yes even through our wardrobe. I believe that we represent the God we serve even in the way we dress.

We thank Becky for sharing her thoughts with us. Below are a few pictures that show how Becky wore different outfits more modestly.

(sorry the pics are not too clear)

 Here Becky added the brown material to the hem to make this dress longer.

Here Becky wore a "short dress" as a long shirt! And of course her tank top was pinned into place. She's an expert at safetypinning!

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