Friday, March 23, 2012

Polyvore, What A Great Site!

So this week I want to do a review of Polyvore! It is a really great site. I had come across it before and found it interesting, however, I was confused on how to use it. I think I gave up too fast because it's very easy to use!

If you are trying to get more ideas on how to be stylish but modest, you can certainly get ideas creating your own outfits on there.

The website is similar to Pinterest in that you can grab different images from the web and pin to your fashion boards on Polyvore. Aside from grabbing images from the web, Polyvore also provides you with options their database has (online stores you can purchase from) when creating your own outfits.

I encourage you to try out this webpage if you feel stuck on fashion ideas, it will give you a variety of ideas and awaken the creative side of you, which you thought was forever dormant! By clicking on outfit ideas, you may even realize that you already have something in your closet that you can pair up differently and create a whole new great outfit.

I’ve decided I’m going to make Polyvore a weekly part of this blog, posting outfits using Modest items from local stores and at a great price.

This is my latest creation, using images from local stores webpages, to create a beautiful, modest outfit. Also, very budget friendly! Now I just have to go out and buy it!

You see, modesty can be fun!!!

A red night out

And this is where you can find this great stuff! Maybe part of the outfit is already in your closet!!!

H M sheer shirt
£15 -

Old Navy long maxi skirt

Summer sandals
$40 -

Dorothy Perkins grey handbag
$12 -

Nine West bracelet watch
$22 -

Tasha flower hair accessory
$38 -


  1. I like this outfit, its very pretty and looks comfortable.

  2. I didnt know ppl were using this site. I wonder if i stilk remember my username?

    1. Yes people are using this site, people like me definitely are. up again and add me, so we can share our creations. It's quite fun. : )


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