Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interview with Melissa

Hello fellow Bloggers!

As part of the “life experiences” promise on this blog, we bring to you an interview with a lovely young lady by the name of Melissa.

Melissa is an Apostolic girl, who like many youths, had trouble and doubts in her walk with God. Thankfully she is now more sure than ever about her faith and is walking faithfully towards Jesus everyday more.

She has a great personality, is crazy fun to hang out with and is studying to be a nurse. She will be a great one, one day! Here is a small interview we did with her. And below, some pictures of some “techniques” (maybe the oldest in the book – but still LOOK GREAT!) she uses to make her clothing more modest. Enjoy.


TMW: Thank you for being part of The Modesty Walk blogs first interview.

 MH: It’s my pleasure.

TMW: What comes to your mind when you think of the word Modesty?

MH: When I think of modesty I think of pureness, obedience, conservative, different, special, unique, beautiful. It is a way a girl can show how much she cares about what God thinks and wants of us. I feel proud that I can look good without showing so much skin!! It is a way that I show others that I am different and separated for God.

TMW: Why do you feel it’s important?

MH: It's important because it's part of holiness and being separated and different for God. God calls us to be holy like Him, of course we can never be as holy as He, but we are working towards being our best and modesty is a good way to start : ) .

TMW: Do you feel modesty has benefited your walk with God?

MH: Modesty has definitely benefited my walk with God. I feel that when you dress immodest you draw attention to what is not right. But modesty draws attention in a great way, and is an opportunity to testify to others about God. I noticed the difference and people treat you with respect when you dress conservatively. This has helped me a lot in my walk with God and maintaining modesty.

TMW: What advice do you have for girls who have trouble with Modesty?

MH: At first, when you are not used to it, it's hard I know because I had trouble! A lot! If I could show before and after pictures, you’d be surprised. But when you allow God to place those convictions in your heart and your grow in the fear of God, you do it with love and pleasure!! It comes easily. It's like when you want to make someone happy, like your parents, you'll do anything to please them. The same with God. I’m sure you want God to be pleased with you! A good reason to stick with modesty is that it catches people’s attention! Sometimes from who you least expect it and it will open a door to speak about God. You'll be the light in darkness. People like different. Those who comment or make fun are sometimes those who are most insecure and in need of a lot of prayer!! I know because I was there once. You don't need to wear tight or short things to look good or "beautiful". Modesty is beauty! Don't be ashamed to represent who you are and who your Creator is.

We thank Melissa for sharing her thoughts with us! Look forward to many more and if you’d like to be interviewed, leave us a comment.


This is a short dress, she wore it as a long shirt! Cute.

To add length to a shorter skirt, she wore a matching skirt under! Adds modesty, uniqueness, cuteness.


  1. Thanks for your testimony, I can relate. I used to struggle with modesty myself. I wanted to please God, I was just afraid of what others would think of me (friends, family). The desire to please God was there, but not the desire to change. God allowed me to see the blessing modesty and obedience brings to your spiritual life, how could I not surrender. Life walking in modesty has brought many blessings to my life, I can't see myself any other way. It's amazing when random people stop you on the street and ask you if you are Apostolic, its amazing to be the light I was meant to be.

    1. It's so great to hear testimonies of how modesty has brought blessings to peoples lives! Thank you.

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