Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Outfit

Happy New Year to all of my lovely bloggers/followers!!!

Today I wanted to share with you what I ended up wearing for new years. If you remember this post from an outfit I wanted to put together from back in November. - Well, sadly, that outfit didn't come true. ha! It's not that I didn't try to make it happen. I actually did buy a sweater from Evy's Tree similar to one in the picture (on sale - woot!), but it's navy blue,yellow and grey, however when I got it in the mail, I couldn't figure out how to make it work fancy. Maybe the black one would have worked better, but Evy's tree didn't have any on sale anymore, so I went with the navy blue. However, I do really love the sweater and will do a post on it when I wear it, it's really pretty! As for the Tulle skirt, I tried finding one online and boy are they pricey. I was then going to make one, but didn't find the inspiration. lol....

So, what did I end up wearing? This:

Blouse: VV Boutique! lol...
Flower Collage: Dainty Jewells (comes with 5 flowers but I just wore 3)
Black Skirt: my closet for a while
Shoes: Sterling  (didn't last all night though)

The blouse I bought it at one of our favourite stores, value-village thrift store. It's a vintage top, it even had the shoulder pads that I so dislike, but I loved the colour and thought it had potential! When I got home, I took off the shoulder pads and really liked how it looked, so I decided that's what I would wear. Also, I love what my friend Julieth was wearing, she got her printed top at Winners. She looked lovely.

What y'all wear. Link up your posts, would love to see. :)

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