Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Put on the Armor of Light!

The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy.”  Romans 13:11-13

Have you ever been busy? So busy that you don’t know what to do with yourself?!?!?! I have like 3 posts in the works, none of which I’ve had a chance to finish! The last 2 weeks feel like a blur, crazy busy at work, crazy busy with church and crazy busy with family - but having a blast (except for work – tee hee)! Any who, I think this week you shall have an update. In the interim, I read a testimony recently which I wanted to share with you.

“A young lady decided that for just ONE night, she would forget about all of the standards of dress that she set for herself and go out on the town with a friend. No one would ever believe that she would wear the type of clothes that she wore that night, but she was away from home and knew she would not run in to anyone that would make her feel guilty. That night she was caught in a situation caused by a result of her promiscuous apparel and she was killed. The young man eventually came face to face with her family and was amazed to find out that she was Pentecostal. He made the comment that he “never would have laid a hand on her if he would have known that”, but the way she was dressed, how could he know? It was discovered later on that he grew up in a Pentecostal home.”

This doesn’t go to say that if you dress immodestly you are going to die! But really what it shows is that modesty makes a huge difference and creates a barrier of respect from those around you. Respect is a good barrier. For example, at work, I rarely have people swearing around me (and when they do they say sorry!), or talking to me about promiscuous things (which is a norm in this world), why you ask? Because the way you dress and conduct yourself can truly create a barrier of respect without you having to say much. The people around you, notice you are different and respect you for it.

An important thing to note too is, modesty is some sort of protection from harm. Is it possible that if this girl, would have not dressed in a way to provoke the fleshly desires of this evil man and been at that wrong place, she could be alive today? Not to say that his actions were just, but it’s a thought. Yes, I get it, maybe she was just in a bad place at the wrong time, but her immodest apparel did not help the situation but rather created an opportunity for harm’s way. When we dress Modestly, it is as if we are putting on the armor of light and opaque all darkness (oxymoron?!), because we are following God’s word and chose to not sink into lewdness and lust (which is what immodesty provokes). By putting this armor of light we 1) Cast off all the works of darkness 2) Create a barrier of Respect 3) We receive protection from harm!

Last thing to note, could it be possible that this girl was dressing modestly, just to please those around her? Her family, church friends, church leadership? But not really because she had those convictions in her heart? By the looks of it, I think this is exactly what happened. The story states that she “she knew she would not run in to anyone that would make her feel guilty”. Like I mentioned in my own modesty testimony post here, it is super important that we be firm in our convictions, study and pray about them! That they be founded on the Rock and immovable. We are not here to please man but to please God according to the word He has left us. Once again I encourage you to study, study, study and ask, ask, ask when you are unsure. Follow the standards of Modesty, not to please man but because this pleases God. Put on the armour of light! Be the Light, be the difference and bring Glory to God’s name.


  1. Love this! Ive had people also apologize because of swearing around me. It feels good to know they see a difference and respect. Thanks for posting, its inspired me to keep on studying :D

  2. this was very interesting...thanks for posting...:)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the reading.

  4. I liked it very much! Quite a sad testimony but definitely powerful!!

  5. You are all awesome. Thanks for your lovely comments.


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