Monday, April 9, 2012

My Modesty Walk

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

(pictured left to right Middle bro, Little bro, me in my stylish, modest, beautiful outifit at age 11ish?!?!)

 In my years of my walk with God, a handful of people have told me, "well modesty came easy for you, because you grew up in the church, you didn't know another life" I must say that I only half agree with this statement.

In my teenage years, there were times when I had my doubts, I wanted to fit in, I didn't want to be different but then something inside me would tell me that this Christian life was the best way to live. So I hesitantly would let go of my doubt and decide this path was the right thing for me. Although it wasn't always easy for me to choose God over teenage popularity, I always had a fear of God growing in me, keeping me away from those things which didn’t please Him. I can’t lie and say I was never tempted and sometimes I even failed but the Lord was always there to lift me up and put me right back on His Path for me.

I think mostly what kept me from doing wrong was the fear of disappointing my mother. And I know that that was a result of her constant prayer for us, her children. Growing up, some of the best memories I have of my mom was her praying, although I could not always hear her pleas, I knew they were for her children. That showed me how much she loved us.

Growing up my mother would always tell me, “no I can't buy you this or no you can’t wear that because it’s immodest”, I would get upset because "all the other girls were wearing it". Of course that would follow the famous words, (in the Hispanic version), "if all your friends were jumping off of a cliff, would you too?" Of course my wise answer was a pouty “no”. And then she would patiently try to explain to this hard headed child why dressing modestly was in obedience to Gods word.

Eventually, as I matured, dressing modestly just became part of life. I didn't do it anymore because it pleased my mother but rather because it pleased God.What others said or thought of me didn't matter anymore, I knew what God wanted and I had gotten to the point where my mind was made up that I was going to live my life modestly (in all aspects) to honor Christ. A burden inside of me started growing, slowly but surely, about this modesty thing. I had decided that I really wanted to be different in this messed up world and I wanted to stand up for God and honour him in this particular matter, fervently. I know He himself placed this burden in me at a young age.

Then the problems started, okay, okay, they weren’t huge problems but the time had come in which I had to witness to non-believers about my faith and convictions. The cherry on top was that the younger girls at my church were going through similar doubts that I did growing up and started asking me questions seeking answers to their doubts. I knew that my responsibility in answering correctly to these non-believers and these young girls was a huge one before God. My answers as to why dressing modestly was important made sense but didn't seem like enough to change people’s view or create grounded convictions on the issue.

I realized that I had to pray, study Gods word and resources on the topic to attain more knowledge on the issues at hand. Boy oh boy did I learn a lot! And when I was done, I was so mad at the enemy for leading man kind so astray from Gods perfect will, my convictions were firm and my desire to teach this became stronger. Hence why I wrote a book, encourage others about this and now started this blog.

With all of this I want to say, when you are in doubt of something in God’s word, study it and allow God in prayer to speak to you. Form your own convictions, don't just do things because it feels right (although our intuitions may be right) but do things because you have obtained that conviction through prayer and study. Only this way will your convictions be grounded on the Rock. If you just do it to do it, one day you may be tried by someone who will attempt to fool you and if you haven't study this for yourself, you will be easily convinced. There are many materials out there that try to rebuttal our beliefs, putting their own interpretations of God’s word and if we don't study we could be easily fooled.

The reason for this post was to share a little bit about my testimony and to encourage you to study this topic for yourselves. You will be surprised with how much you’ll learn. The Lord is faithful when we are faithful to Him in all aspects. Even in the minor things He is glorified.

If you would like any book suggestions check out the “Great Books on Modesty Tab” for great resources. I will keep you updated on the best material I have found helpful.


  1. This is such a beautiful post and very encouraging especially to the younger ladies who might still get doubts here and there.. I know I've been there but now I'm thankful that God helped me through that and now that I realize that dressing modestly is not only a form of testimony; it's also a way of getting respect from others. My body is a temple of God and i will dress it as such. I'm a child of royalty so I will not dress like I'm ordinary.
    God bless you richly Hna and keep up the good work :)

    1. I love that hna N.A. "I'm a child of royalty so i will not dress like I'm ordinary!"...Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. I come from a world where mini-skirts, make up and low blouses was the end all and be all! Now, GOD is the end all and be it!
    Thank you for this amazing blog ~ I struggle with modesty every day and I struggle with the comments made such as, how old I look, or how boring I've become. I live each day asking God to help me in my modest walk and to give me strength and honour each time I put on my skirt and not those tight yoga pants! Although, I have a long way to go and will probably continue to have struggles as each day passes, and will most likely sometimes fail and give in to temptation, but to know that there are ladies out there, just like me, who still struggle even after many years, is comforting and even the most of the modest women, still struggle today with a true blessing!
    God bless you abundantely and keep the blogs going.....

    1. Your words are encouraging! We all have our struggles BUT the Lord sees how much we try and will not take that for granted! Keep at it Sister, even if you fall, the Lord is there to help you get back up. God bless you!


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